49 Chevy Truck

49 Chevy

Check out this beautiful example of Detroit badness.

49 Chevrolet Truck: custom headliner, carpet, seats, and more. Take a look and enjoy! 49 ChevyChevy DoorChevy SeatChevy CarpetChevy Carpet 249 Chevy Headliner
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5 Responses to “49 Chevy Truck”

  1. Mike Fox says:

    I’m trying to fab door panels for my fathers 50 truck and would be interested to know how, and what types of materials you used. Your 49 is beautiful. I like how you modernized it without loosing the original look. You did a very nice job.

    • jody says:

      Hi Mike, We start with a solid foundation of ABS Plastic, instead of the Cardboard that will warp over time. It is a little more expensive, but does a much better job.

    • jody says:

      We always use an ABS plastic panel board, it is more expensive than the cardboard, but it will not warp or disintegrate if it gets wet.

  2. Matt Neff says:

    Just picked up a 49. What did the bench seat come out of? I need to put one in and needs some direction. Thanks Matt

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