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Can you reglue my headliner fabric?

No. The headliner has a sheer fabric that is laminated to a foam backing which deteriorates with time, heat, and UV exposure causing the fabric to separate. Any application of glue will bleed through the separated fabric, as well as not adhering to the crumbling foam still attached to the headliner board.

A professional repair requires:

Removal of the headliner board assembly from the vehicle

Thorough cleaning of board to remove old foam backing

Applying contact adhesive through a siphon feed spray gun to clean headliner board and new foam backed headliner

Careful installation of newly covered headliner board to the vehicle

Can you reglue the window in my convertible top?

No. As the top ages, the topping material shrinks. Top shrinkage causes the already taught topping material to glass bond to become more stressed. This added tenison will cause the bond to the glass to fail.

Installation of a new convertible top and glass unit is required.

Can you repair a hole in my convertible top?

We can, as a courtesy to keep weather out where applicable, glue a temporary patch. The convertible top will still be in need of replacement.

Can you patch a tear/hole in my seat?

We can replace the panel(s) that has a tear/hole. The seat is removed from the vehicle and the upholstery/seat cover is removed from the seat. Then though carefully cutting the stitching that holds the affected panel(s) to the remaining portion of the upholstery/seat cover, we are to use the torn panel as a pattern on the new matching fabric/leather/vinyl. After cutting the new panel(s), using an industrial walking foot sewing machine, we sew the new portion to original upholstery/seat cover. Now the repaired upholstery/seat cover can finally be reinstalled to the seat and the seat to the vehicle.

Do you have to upholster the entire seat?

No. Individual panels can be replaced using matching materials.

Can you patch a hole in my carpet by the gas and brake where my heel has worn through?

We can install a vinyl heel pad after filling the hole with carpet padding. The heel pad glues with a contact adhesive to your existing carpet. This can also be a preventive measure in vehicles that don't have a factory heel pad. This will give you some place to rest your heel without wearing a hole in your carpet.

My console lid is worn and cracked, can you repair that?

Yes. We can remove the console lid from the car and replace the covering using a matching leather/vinyl/fabric.

The material on my door armrest/insert is cracked/worn/falling off, can that be repaired?

Yes. We can remove the door panel from the vehicle and recover the armrest/insert using a matching leather/vinyl/fabric.

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