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Headliners and Sunvisors

headliners repair atlanta, georgiaMost Automotive headliners use a foam backed fabric glued to a lightweight board, held to the roof with various types of hardware.  A sagging headliner is caused by years of high cabin temperatures  and harmful UV rays from the sun, which breaks down the foam backing and allows the fabric to delaminate. Failure of a headliner normally happens five to ten years of the date of manufactured.

If you see this in your vehicle, you need the help of a qualified auto headliner repair and replacement specialist at Tim's Auto Upholstery

Restore your automotive headliner to factory condition. Most cars, trucks, vans and SUVs built after the mid 70s have used fabric covered headliner boards.

The proper procedure to repair a drooping headliner is to remove the entire board from the vehicle. Following by removing the old fabric and cleaning the remaining foam from the headliner board. We then install a new foam backed fabric using a high temperature contact adhesive.

After curing, we then reinstall the headliner assembly in the vehicle and all of the original headliner accessories.

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