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Seat Repair

car seat repair atlanta, georgiaSatisfactory repairs to seats require the experience, care, and knowledge of professional trimmers. Although all seats become worn over time, not all wear requires an entire seat upholstery replacement.  

We can match the materials, whether cloth, vinyl or leather.  Remove the seat from the vehicle, disassemble the seat in order to get the cover off the foam cushion, then carefully cut the torn panel out of the seat cover, using the torn piece as a pattern, we draw the panel on the new materials.  Using a heavy duty sewing machine, we sew the new panel, after backing with foam, into the existing cover.  

Also if the foam is degraded we can make repairs to the foam as well. Now we carefully reassemble and reinstall you seat. Your seat will look brand new, preserving the comfort and value of your vehicle. 

If you seat requires more panels to be replaced, we can replace as many as needed, right up to reupholstering your entire seat.

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