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Sunroof repair and Replacement

car sunroof repair atlanta, georgiaWhether it’s summer or winter, no one likes a damaged sunroof. Fortunately, the sunroof repair service at Tim’s Auto Upholstery in Atlanta, GA is available to meet all your sunroof repair needs. We have the full array of tools necessary to fix any sunroof problem, including broken and dirty seals, inoperable panels, and leaks. 

Our expert professionals start by examining sunroof components including the wiring and water trough to ensure your sunroof is operating at maximum efficiency. Once we have successfully diagnosed the problem, we immediately get started on repairs to get your power sunroof working smoothly once more. 

Good communication with customers is a top priority for us, so we are always available to answer questions before and during the repair process. Our repair technicians understand every aspect of power sunroofs and their components, and they are eager to put that expertise to work. 

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