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Things that Can Go Wrong on Convertible Tops

As your convertible top ages, the material shrinks.  As the material shrinks, the factory bond that holds the glass to the top fails.  The flaps that are heat sealed to the top, called bow drills, are connected to the crossbows fail, which allow the top to “billow” while going down the road.  Also the added tension on latches and frame members due to shrinkage of the top, may cause latches to fail prematurely and may cause frame members to snap.

Weatherstrips become dry and brittle and shrink as well. 

If your convertible sits outside, especially under trees, tiny bits of leaves and tree debris clog the tiny outlets that allow water to drain underneath the car. This causes water to fill up the quarter panels and spill into the car, sitting water then can cause mold and mildew to grow.  Do not wait!  If you have water in the car, please come by our shop, before mold and mildew grow. 

Many newer convertibles use elastic sewn to the top and headliner, as well as being mounted to bows and frame, to properly fold and stack the top as it goes down.  These elastic belts and bungees wear out, causing the frame and bows to get hung up as the top goes down.

Modern convertibles use sensors and body modules to operate electric motors in proper sequence.  Sensors can fail, causing convertible tops to become non-operative. 

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